Tea is magic because it takes you wherever you want to go! 

Who doesn't love TEA? We all do. You might have heard of the spicy and fragrant milky tea drunk in most parts of India. Even in East Africa a lot of people adore drinking tea. What if you add spices to your tea? It will become even more delicious. Tea comes in many forms and flavours. Its up to you how you want to make your cup of tea more interesting?

Given below is a free-flowing guide on how you can add spices to your tea and make it even yummier.

Green and Clean Essential Spice 

Green cardamom is the most famous spice added to it. It has a dominant flavour. It has sharp vegetable notes of green spices and is intensely fragrant. The pepper green cardamom is harvested earlier than the black cardamom. This is why it is smoky. Green cardamom is the base of most tea recipes. You can buy this tea Spice at wholesale rates online. Buying wholesale spices in bulk is a good decision for tea lovers. Whenever you buy spices in bulk, don’t forget to add green cardamom to your list. It’s the most important tea spice in the world of tea lovers. It’s green and serene! That’s how it takes everyone’s breath away with its freshness. 

Other Tea Essential Spices 

After green cardamom, there are many other accents that you can add to your day. For warmth rather than sweetness, you can add cinnamon sticks. Final seeds are added to offer a rice note and gentle anise. With fresh Ginger, you can flavour the part of the day and make it spicier. There are black peppercorns that give your flavour. Spices have a way to add freshness and warmth to a cup of tea. That’s why a lot of tea lovers look forward to a spice collection available online at wholesale prices. Check out the spices at bulk available at Tea Depot. 

Variety of Bulk Spices in Australia - Wholesale Spices Suppliers 

And the wholesale spices are not limited to anything. There are even more options that you can explore. There are hole claws that are strong and musky. Coriander seeds can be added for a citrus note because it is sweet and mild. Star Anise is a liquorice flavour that is sweet and can be blended with green fennel seeds. You can make saps of any of these spices to make yourself a fine cup of tea.

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There are a lot of tea shops available online where you can buy wholesale spices and bulk. Tea Depot is one of the best places where you can find wholesale spices in bulk. Purchasing tea spices single-handedly is expensive. That’s why tea lovers purchase bulk species at wholesale rates. You can buy it from the bulk section of the grocery stores. You even have the option of buying it online. So, why not try surfing online for the bulk spices at wholesale rates? You can get in touch with the wholesale spices suppliers at Tea Depot.

As they rightly say, a pinch of spice in your tea can restore your day to normality!