Citric acid is one of those ingredients that are commonly used in our daily lives. However, it is impossible to extract is every time from the fruits. So after long research, an industrial source of citric acid is developed, which is more economical than the previous one means from citrus fruits.

In this article, we are going to have a detailed study about citric acid. Organically, Citric acid is found in acidic fruits, mainly lemons and limes. The major task of this product is to give the food contents a tart flavour.

What is citric acid?

Citric acid was firstly collected in 1784 by a Swedish richer from lemon juice. In 1900 citric acid was made from lemon. This is a very expensive process, but later on, a new technique was developed to extract the citric acid bulk and it have been widely spread globally.

Some of the major Uses of citric acid

Citric acid has a sour test. Because of this sour and acidic taste, the Citric acid bulk is widely used as a flavoring agent and preserving agent, specialities in candy or sweet products in which sugar content is high. Along with this,

  •         It also works as a preservative in a lot of dishes and medicines.
  •         It is also used to stabilize the taste in a variety of dishes.
  •         Percentage-wise uses of citric acid
  •         Food consumes about 70 per cent of the manufactured Citric acid
  •         Pharmaceutical industries consume around 20 % of the manufactured Citric acid
  •         Additionally, citric acid is used to manufacture the cleaning products.

The citric acid in the food industries

Industrial citric acid is one of the major food additives used globally. The major importance of citric acid is to boost acidity, increase flavor, and preserve the food product. Juices, sodas, and candies are the best example of the uses of citric acid in food industries.

The citric acid in medicine

It is used globally to stabilize and preserve medicines.

The citric acid in cleaning products

The citric acid has a disinfectant property, so it is used widely in manufacturing the disinfectant. In addition, citric acid is sold commercially as a disinfectant.

Where to buy the Citric Acid Online?

If you are willing to purchase the citric acid bulk, then the major requirement is to find the right manufacturer or provider. Online and offline there are several stores available offering the nitric acid products including the liquid form. However, not everyone is having the right qualities you need. Hence, while using the manufacturer for citric acid bulk online, it is important for you to do your research. Read out all the details about the product available online and if possible ask for reviews from other customers. You can also go through the review section given at the website. It will help you out in taking the right decision.


Citric acid is one of the most popular and important supplements that have to be consumed regularly. If you want to buy citric acid products, choose the right manufacturer wisely.