This bong water pipe is inexpensive, easy to make, and fun. The tube is filled with ice, and the oil burner pipe is inserted into the joint. When the flame goes out, it's time to smoke. The Oil burner pipe bong was designed for cool summer nights in a hot garage when you're too lazy to turn on your air conditioner. The bong is easy to make and can hold a fair bit of weed or tobacco. It's less bulky than other Bongs and, therefore, easier for traveling smokers.

How to Use an Oil Burner Pipe Bong?

The size of This pipe is about the same as a tobacco pipe; it is, therefore, straightforward to use with just one hand. It's also easy to hide, for example, in a backpack or behind your back. The oil burner pipe bong is used without water and directly from the freezer! Light up and inhale.

Feature of Using Oil Burner Pipe Bong

  • Cool to use. 
  • Easy to carry around
  • Safe and simple to make
  • Smoke straight from the freezer.
  • Cheap and easy to make
  • Ice pinch for a better taste.
  • It's fun to use this Bong.
  • It's Green and Clean, with no fumes filling the air like other bongs.

Method of Making Oil Burner Pipe Bong

Step 1.

The oil burner pipe bong can be made from any old oil burner pipes, but choose a big one. Take a piece of the heating element, for example, and use a hammer to flatten the bottom of the tube. The thinner the pipe is, the easier it is to smoke.

Step 2. 

The most common type of ice pinch is a glass tube that is stuck in the neck of a bottle and then filled with ice cubes. Most often, it's used in beer bongs because drinking beer with an ice pinch tastes better than drinking beer directly from the bottle.

Step 3.

We use ice pinches, but you can use any Ice cubes. In this bong, the ice is contained in a glass tube pushed into the heating element. You can achieve this by pouring a little bit of water into the top of the Heating Element and making the glass tube in to fill it with water.

Step 4.

This step requires some experience and basic skills. First, push a piece of tape on top of the heating element and then fix it with electrical tape until it doesn't fall off before inserting the Oil burner pipe bong into your Bong.

Types of Oil Burner Pipe Bong Which Used Most.

1. The big Bong

Therefore, this is a more extensive and complex type of bong. It's enjoyable to use and smokes good, but it can be a bit too bulky, and it's also harder to hide.

2. The small Bong

This is the perfect size for traveling smokers! It's easy to hide, lightweight, and easy to clean, so you can take it wherever you go.


The oil burner pipe bong is easy to make, and it's fun to use. The pipe bong is cheaper than that other pipes, can be made in a short time, and, if you ever run out of ice (or water), you can even use cold water. The oil burner pipe bong can be made from an old oil burner pipe. Cleaning the Oil burner pipe bong is not difficult; just fill the bowl with water and hold it upside down.