Thanks to annual Military Balls, our real-life heroes, army men, get to enjoy a no-stress outing.

At least once a year, each military branch hosts a formal military ball to give a toast to military leaders. It’s an exciting time, filled with alcohol, laughter, and dancing. The best part about this solemn occasion is that spouses and dates can also attend the night and enjoy it to the fullest.

Each branch runs its event differently, but there are some general dressing rules that military spouses need to consider. From choosing the appropriate military ball dress to dancing the night away with grace, you must maintain the event’s formality throughout.

If it’s your first time attending the military ball, you may feel nervous about presenting yourself perfectly. But don’t worry; you can easily get through all the confusion and mesmerize everyone with the right tips and tricks.

Here’s how to prepare for the gala “formal” night without stress and hassle!

. Understand The Dress Code

Military Ball is a white tie event, meaning you’re supposed to doll up in formal attire. Steer clear of anything that is too see-through and sultry. 

The best dresses for a military ball include ball gowns and floor-length silhouettes. You can also wear knee-length cocktail dresses, as long as they do not have deep cuts and slits. 

While it’s essential to avoid revealing too much skin, you’re free to play with styles, colors, and prints when shopping for marine corps ball dresses online. Consider the hot trends of the year, such as beaded long sleeve a-line dresses, cold shoulder puffed sleeve sheath dresses, crisscross-strapped trumpet dresses, sequin mermaid dresses, and others.

Note: Adorning the trendy and flattering style is the key to creating the trailblazing statement of your dreams.

. Pick The Right Shoes

So, you have found your dream ball dress for the big night. Great! The next step on your list is to pick fancy shoes that complement your dress. If your dress is embellished with beads or sequins, go for a neutral pair of shoes for a balancing effect. On the other hand, if your dress is a simple, monochrome style, sparkling statement heels will work like a wonder.

Pro Tip: When choosing a pair of shoes for a military ball, make sure they are comfortable and fit well. After all, you may have to stand or dance at the occasion for long hours. 

. Choose Your Lingerie

You’d obviously not want to make a show of your panty lines when dressing up for such a beautiful evening. So, make sure you pick the right underwear. Go for nude or flesh color undies if your marine ball dress is body-hugging and light in the shade. 

Speaking of the bra, the choice depends on your neckline. Choose a strapless, adhesive, or push-up bra with an avant-garde neckline, such as off-shoulder, one-shoulder, strapless, or spaghetti straps. 

Remember, your choice of lingerie may make or break your look, so choose wisely.

. Put On Accessories

Accessories are the best way to personalize your fashion statement. If you’re new to it, opt for a subtle piece of jewelry, like diamond studs, thin hoop earrings, or a delicate pendant necklace. These are some classic pieces that work with almost all military-style dresses. 

Besides, you can consider getting your hands on statement pieces, such as dangling earrings and layered necklaces, especially if your outfit is simple and solid.

Bonus Tips For Getting Ready

  • Ease Your Mind: Don’t hesitate about anything. If it’s your first time at a military ball, you can seek guidance on proper attire and etiquette from other military wives.  
  • Feel Confident: Even if you think your military ball attire is not up to the mark, don’t lose your confidence. After all, it’s the key to making everything seem perfect about yourself. 
  • Have Fun: Don’t pressurize yourself over the event rules; the night is meant to have fun. Savor the fact that you’re a proud military wife. So, enjoy the food, dance a little, meet new people, and make memories.

There you have it - all the best tips to get ready for a military ball like a pro! If you are already fascinated to cut a dash at the event, wait no more and snap up the most trendy and flattering style in the military ball dress 2022 collection now.

You’re sure to steal all the spotlight!