Are you a first time bride there are a lot of MYTHS surrounding bridal nightwear or night dresses for brides. Given below are some of the following most popular around bridal sleepwear.

Myth 1 - You’ve to wear undergarments under the bridal nightgown 

Who said that you have to wear undergarments under a bridal nightgown? It is just that you need to break. There is no such compulsion saying that you have to wear undergarments under the bridal nightgown. Don't adhere to any such rules and regulations when all you want to do is enjoy your wedding night. Also, it is going to be your first time so make it worth it. Get rid of any false myths that's around you. It's time to enjoy and have fun.

Myth 2 - You’ve to wear a white bridal sleepwear 

This is a very popular myth about bridal sleepwear. Many times you might have heard people say that wearing a white bridal sleepwear is lucky. Yes we do believe in destiny, but we also believe in comfort. It is important that you give your comfort a Priority rather than any specific color. Why there is an amazing color and we don't deny it. However, it is totally the choice of the bride whether she wants to fight or black. It is a popular myth that a bride should go for a white bridal sleepwear. You are free to break this myth at your own rest.

Myth 3 - You’ve to wear a new bridal nightwear

It is not always possible for you to buy new lingeries at whenever you are in bed with your partner. So, it is totally appropriate that you have to wear a new bridal nightwear. Whether it is your first night or the second night, comfort is always a priority. New brands must keep in mind that their comfort is important and nothing is above that. Whether it is an old bridal nightwear or a new one you must feel comfortable in it. Otherwise it is a big no for your special night.

Myth4 - You’ve to wear a special nightdress for the bride 

There is nothing like you have to wear a special night dress made especially for the bride on your wedding night. It is just to be said. Special night dresses prepared by many brides. It is totally the choice of the bride whether she wants to go for a special night dress or a comfortable Lingerie set. Don't fall into the Trap of this myth.

Myth 5 - You’ve to wear something 

Whether it's your first or fifth marriage you don't have to wear white or wear anything at all. It is just a saying that says that you have to wear something. If wearing white makes you comfortable on your wedding night do it. If you want to remain naked on your wedding night, then do it. It all depends on your comfort. Also it is about how you want your partner to feel about you. How important it is for you to create a first impression also depends on your comfort and convenience. So, go ahead break this month of wearing anything at all on your wedding night.